Kelly McCann Shows You How to Handle Handshakes!

Combatives expert Kelly McCann is a former U.S. Marine special-missions officer responsible for counterterrorism and …

48 thoughts on “Kelly McCann Shows You How to Handle Handshakes!

  1. JenDaniTanner says:

    haha, here's the guy who thinks of it all… good point, i've heard of external bone breaks not being felt for minutes, even walking on a crushed leg, and yes, survival = survival, nothing else matters in a situation like this…

  2. TESilent says:

    Absolutely. Just please, dont rely on it. Every guy knows his groin is a target, and it will make him angry if you go for it.

    Also, the reflex to defend it only exists without the influence of adrenalin. Under adrenal stress, even a burst testicle might not hurt for 10seconds to 5 minutes after. Dont trust it.

    …but if its all thats available, DO IT. Dont not do something because it might not work or because it might make things worse. Just dont expect it to be an easy finish 🙂

  3. JenDaniTanner says:

    yeah true, its a vulnerable spot if struck, and therefore the body has a (somewhat) reflex to protect here, plus they can be wearing a cup, or any other padded thing, plus the business end of a human is the top half, so yeah good point, but to the guy i originally replied too, a shot to the groin doesnt make you a punk if the other has a gun, knife, is larger than you, etc etc, cause its a survival situation, and who gives a fuck if ya make it? right?

  4. kaindrg says:

    @sangtawon it seem like an end all move but the truth is most men have the duribility to still attack if their prey is still in range. plus i think most ppl would just get more pissed at a groin shot

  5. Antifaith29 says:

    @kage110 Yup, the thumb ones wouldnt work on me. I can bend my thumb is all kinds of fucked up directions, im a circus freak with my small joints. Still, im not likely to be an ass and stand over someone with the old tough guy handshake thing either so no problems there.

  6. Hugh Wallace says:

    Thumb locks are horribly painful, when they work. They work on me a treat but I have had experiences of trying to make them work on people who are double-jointed or drunk and it doesn't work on those subjects. At all. I don't trust anything that relies on pain compliance to work.

  7. B Kenny says:

    @creepychris11 I didn't miss your point, the only point you made initially is that it's not my technique. It's not. And I don't misunderstand the point of the technique. Teaching bone to bone leaves is not GOOD technique! Simple as.

  8. B Kenny says:

    @creepychris11 That was my point, proper technique teaches the opposite. What if the guy has stronger bones than you do?? Or if you're a woman. Damn right bone to bone isn't my technique!

  9. CORZER0 says:

    This is when I know I need to get off of Youtube, when every comment I read qualifies as utterly baseless, retarded and I say to myself, 'wow, I guess I don't have to wonder if there are really THIS may morons on the same planet as me!'

  10. Dempsey2626 says:

    @PrinzEugenMCMLXXXIII Actually, a lot of trouble can start out of that. I've seen it in bars a million times – some dude breaks your balls or says some shit to your woman, and you get heated about it, and he offers his hand to you, apologizing while smiling – and if you don't take it, he's gonna get furious and then you got problems, so you take it, but now you're exactly in this position – he's talking shit and getting more serious, and meanwhile he's got your hand clamped. Your strong hand.

  11. The Mistics says:

    @Noutajaa He has, and has won. Taekwondo is too impractical, it teaches to defend against other people trained in it, not for real fights. This is real, kill people fast techniques.

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