KELLY McCANN – Baton vs. Knife



More on Kelly McCann: Combatives expert Kelly McCann is a former U.S. Marine special-missions officer responsible for …

49 thoughts on “KELLY McCANN – Baton vs. Knife

  1. Donald Dalisay says:

    If i am to be ask, i would better strike at attackers hand with baton until he drops the knife and i'll for the head or ear to make him unconscious. Yeah, i don't go near the attacker while he has the strength to resist me. I can also strike at his legs so he will not be able to walk temporarily.

  2. Alexey Aliev says:

    If you want to win with baton, you must to keep the distance. If you fight versus knife and come near close – you will be dead. Don't touch the opponent by hands and you will be alive.
    p.s: Sorry my English)

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    A former military and security analyst for CNN and MSNBC, he can now be seen on Fox News??? They kicked his ass off after they figured out he's an idiot-research it yourself-lol un-controllably………

  4. deltaalphaone1 says:

    9 X out of 10 you will not have some firearm or what ever should an attacker pull a knife on you or a MUGGER>>? this may not only save your life but if you can break some bones discourage any other attacks by such a criminal?

  5. smolkafilip says:

    Well, I practice martial arts, empty handed, blunt and edged weapons and as far as i can tell the pain is real. Anyone who practiced martial arts containg joint locks knows that face often shows it.

  6. daniel avila says:

    excellent as always Mr Mccann and many others are pioneers in what they teach hes information could one day save your life straight forward no bullshit love it.Check my vids out I practice cqc as well just not on hes level.

  7. djeq721 says:


    And any ring fighter would get torn to shreds when confronted with a knife on the streets, LITERALLY. – Learn the difference between SPORT and REALITY before making stupid comments.

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