KATANA 1 – SWORD: HOW TO WEAR IT – Ninjutsu Online Instruction – Ninja weapon sword – Machida

Ninjutsu Katana Sword — Bujinkan BLACKBELT VIDEO COURSE, Ninjutsu Online Instruction. This katana video is a free supplement to the blackbelt course …

49 thoughts on “KATANA 1 – SWORD: HOW TO WEAR IT – Ninjutsu Online Instruction – Ninja weapon sword – Machida

  1. CANTSiR says:

    sageos, the cords, are supposed to loop over the rear of the scabbard to prevent the katana from dipping out. i like ur videos a fair amount but this an improper instructional video.


    ninja never confronted. this seems like samurai of nobility not secretive shinobi. the sword within traditional ninjutsu was also worn blade down opposite of the wearing of the samurai. techniques for this is alot different and faster at draw cutting. the blade is a tool of ninja nothing more. (ninja combat & psychology)

  3. Zephyr says:

    You keep saying "how they would have worn the sword" are you referring to the Samurai? I feel like the Samurai weren't wearing that get-up you have on. They wore hakama and an obi. No disrespect, you only know what you know.

  4. Ville Nilson says:

    hi i have training kendo for 1 year now and i am gonna buy a katana, could i wear it like how i hold my kendo sword (i dont know how to spel the names of the swords in english)

  5. Nico Perez y Dela Peña says:

    where can I get a katana? I live in yokosuka kanagawa japan. I'm 18 but my father doesn't allow me to touch his katanas … and I wonder where he got those… i can tell that the katana was a traditional war blade so he doesn't let me practice with it. and there aren't any katana stores near us so yeah…

  6. Quille Sanders says:

    Great video man! I just ordered my 2 samurai swords online and they are nice, light weight and awesome…
    My question is how would hold and carry 2 swords at the same time? Could you do a video tutorial about it?

  7. Black2295 says:

    Silly Caucasian boy likes to play with Samurai swords… 
    Sorry, I've always wanted to say that, but this is an awesome video series, very informative.

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