25 thoughts on “Katadyn Water Filter Comparison

  1. Dirk says:

    What about the Katadyn Expedition?? I really wish there were more reviews of it out there. I realize that it is very expensive but sometimes people wanna go all out on a flagship model!

  2. Manuel Weber says:

    Excellent review. I would only say that compared with the Hiker and the Hiker Pro, one possible downside of the Mini is that it will clog with dirt waaay faster than the other two, then requiering more everyday maintenance. Of course this depends on many things such as how dirty the water source is, pre-filtering the water or not, etc. But If you don't want to deal with having to clean the ceramic filter very often, I would definitelly recomend the other two with microfiber filters.

  3. Christopher Mercill says:

    I have the hiker pro, and one thing that i purchased and put inline is the MSR silt stopper it is a .5 micron prefilter. this really helps to take much of the silt and other particulate matter out of the water before it reaches your main filter. this has extended mine to about 400 gallons of water.

  4. Luis Medinas says:

    True.But India becomes a wonderful country when we are fortunate to see beyond that external layer.

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  5. illyounotme says:

    I am a big fan of the Mini too.

    I got mine due to not being able to afford the Katadyn Pocket. After a year of using the Mini, I was able to save up the money for the Pocket.

    For anyone who gets sticker shock at the Pocket, the Mini is the way to go. Same ceramic filter tech, just smaller.

    One fyi for ceramic filters, if your in an area where temps can get down bellow freezing. Carry your filter inside your jacket, and sleep with it in your bag. You don't want your filter to freeze & break.

  6. Deeznutz says:

    Ok here is a question….how do you know when it is time to replace the filter? Products details are for 200 or 300 gallons but agin how do you know when it has reached that limit?

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