Karl’s Gift Guide | Gifts for the tactical person in your life | Tactical Rifleman

This is a Holiday Gift Guide to help those poor souls who don’t know what to buy. These are just Karl’s personal recommendations. We have NOT been …

40 thoughts on “Karl’s Gift Guide | Gifts for the tactical person in your life | Tactical Rifleman

  1. L S says:

    Thanks for the video it gave me some great ideas! I've already bought some of the things in the past. The leatherman looks like something he'd like. Merry Christmas!

  2. Mike Peterson says:

    Clicked on video because of the awesome thumbnail…..then peed myself when I saw the very same tactical stocking I was given for Christmas in 2010….. (which I had to confess, I absolutely loved….)

  3. NGMonocrom says:

    Some good suggestions, but if I may; that Eotech is fantastic. No one doubts that. And for around $550, you'd expect it to be fantastic. But if you're on a tight budget, and you know that special someone has no optics on their AR…. A SIG Romeo5 would be a very good, budget, option. You don't get the green reticle. Just a red dot. But it is very robust, lightweight, reliable, even has a motion detector that switches itself off if left untouched for awhile. So you don't drain the batteries. All that, and you can find it easily online for $125 – $140.

    Yes, it is a rebranded Made in China optic from Holosun, in a different housing. SIG has not owned up to that, but it's rather obvious. (Different housing doesn't mean different appearance.) Still, Holosun makes quality products. If you're on a tight budget this season, and you know the recipient needs a quality optic. The Romeo5 is going to be a very good gift.

  4. 93DracoX says:

    Haven’t finished the vid yet, but personally I’m a fan of the tactical stocking as a good laugh and as a good wrapping for other gifts. Otherwise it is pretty useless lol.

  5. Honey Badger says:

    Dear Santa, I’ve been really good this year
    pretty good this year
     you know, just forget this part.
    What I REALLY want for Christmas is to train with Karl.
     If you do that I’ll never ask for anything again
    probably never ask for anything again
    you know, forget that part too.
    Yours truly
    Honey Badger

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