Karate Nerd Vs Tiger Kung Fu challenge REACTION

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20 thoughts on “Karate Nerd Vs Tiger Kung Fu challenge REACTION

  1. Darion Collins says:

    A traditional karate guy would destroy a boxer in a street fight. Dude ur so close minded. Sensie and I and Jesse could both kick your ass. They've both done a lot sparring. You're dumb if u think boxing and Muay Thai is superior to every martial art

  2. HsinHao Wang says:

    You don't have to do a full fight for a demonstration. The purpose is to display the technique.
    Not a fan of the techniques shown here, but that's just my preference.

    Jesse Enkamp says his art is for self defence, but he does Shotokan. Shotokan is an art made for physical fitness for children in grade school. And his head-assness that a person can't catch a karate kick? He speaks of parallel universes; perhaps he is from one. Snapping kicks with no follow through are easy as heckies to catch.

    Is the other guy even a gung fu man? He calls himself sensei and wears a gi.

    You mentioned Kyokushin deducting points for a backwards retreat: Jesse isn't showing you Kyokushin competition moves. Self evident by the knife hand eye jab.
    That idea Jesse had about the elbow though…. what? LMAO And that bullshit arm trap of his– man definitely hasn't fought enough.

    And again, to your complains about the Uke not fighting back: Jesse is showing a demonstration of technique for teaching purposes. Whether what he is teaching is feasible or trash, you need to have a tutorial of how the moves work in an ideal setting so your students will understand how it works. THEN you practice it in sparring.

  3. Adam Zandarski says:

    I've caught hundreds of karate kicks to the ribs and yet I've never broken one….  Plain and simply, when TMA practitioners find success in real fighting situations they find it despite their art, not because of it.  Put your art to the test and if you're successful I guarantee (I'll put money on it) that you end up looking more like an MMA practitioner than a TMA.

  4. Pugglen says:

    7:55 "That doesn't make sense. In Kyokushin you lose points if you retreat" Wasn't Kyokushin founded like 60 years ago by a korean guy? I feel like it might not be the best source for what karates initial purpose was lol (Not saying anything bad about Mas Oyama's perception of martial arts, just saying it's likely way different from what Jesse practices)

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