Karate Master USA VS Systema Spetsnaz "Russian Style"



Punches – Strikes – Kicks Pressure Points Internal Wave Energy Grabs & Chokes Weapons Combat Multiple Opponents Combat Combat in difficult conditions …

40 thoughts on “Karate Master USA VS Systema Spetsnaz "Russian Style"

  1. Dragonfly 251 says:


  2. Telum Atramenti says:

    The title doesn't say that one system has beaten another. I don't know why people get this ridiculous impression. Videos are titled this way because the idea is to show how one can use the inefficiencies of each system to your advantage. You never try to outbox the boxer or outwrestle the wrestler, instead you use the elements your opponent hasn't been trained in and you learn to identify those by your opponent's movements. Systema is not a sport, like Russian Sambo or Japanese Karate, it is a modern survival system for those in an active military duty, police force or special forces, and it includes everything such as outdoor survival courses, modern weapons use and disarming techniques. The idea behind Systema was not to create another style with its own pre-set stances and arbitrary combat rules, but to gather together best techniques from every style and incorporate them into a system which would allow one to survive by killing one's enemy on a modern battlefield without decades of extensive training in every style there is – an impossibility for most soldiers and police officers. If you're expecting tournaments, belts, medals, marks of distinction, this isn't something for you to study.

  3. Eduardo Branco Mavy Eonbidx says:

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  4. Eduardo Branco Mavy Eonbidx says:

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  5. Doc Winter says:

    There is no exist any traditional Russian wrestling. All that stuff is just a mix borrowed from diferent martial arts. But self-advert doing its job and ignant suckers take it seriously.

  6. Lee Malco says:

    Systema is basically every Japanese martial art combined with traditional Russian wrestling.  Stalin sent some bad ass over to Japan in the 1920s to learn everything they could teach him and this is what the guy came up with. Looks like it's pretty heavy on the Aikido and Jujitsu and not much with the striking though.

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