Learn a Karate training exercise for hip twist/rotation by Jesse Enkamp (‘The Karate Nerd’) to increase power in punches, kicks, strikes or blocks.

35 thoughts on “KARATE HIP ROTATION EXERCISE (FROM JAPAN) — Jesse Enkamp

  1. Alex S says:

    I just subscribed because this video.. This is the stuff that most senseis demand in karate but only few show the details to get improvement. Cheers!

  2. BlueFang714 says:

    Extra tip for those having difficulty isolating. Do not rotate the body by trying to control the position of the pelvis. Focus on the V area around the ground where the hips connect to the leg on the inner leg. Squeeze together in this area to help identify the sensation of twisting.

    Keep in mind the hips are not what makes the power, they simply are a part of the engine and the point of reference. The stick helps you isolate the motion, because the hips turning like that actually makes the spine turn. That is where the power comes from. Don't focus in a direction, just focus on rotating on the axis of your own spine, by focusing on the twist through the V area of the hips/lower abdomen.

    Good video all in all. Almost no one teaches anyone how to use the hips, almost everyone just says use the hips.

    Although application of this mechanic is just ever so slightly different. You need a directional intent with the twist to apply force in a specific direction. So you would kind of focus the rotation forward for a punch, or to the side for a block. It's kind of hard to explain that part without visually demonstrating and even then it'd probably be hard to understand.

  3. Salahaddin Osama says:

    I think in left zenkutso dachi left hip must fixed and right hip driven forward and back ward by thrusting the right leg against the floor..moving your torso like window or door while left hip as pivot.
    with regards from IRAQ

  4. Plug R says:

    I thought that drum thing was just from Karate Kid II ! Of course, when I think about it, it makes complete and utter sense that it'd be a real thing…

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