KARAMBIT – The Worst Everyday Carry Knife?



You may hate me for it or love me for it but, today, we put the Karambit to the test. Here is what I learned. Now you could be your own judge. Enroll in my New …

38 thoughts on “KARAMBIT – The Worst Everyday Carry Knife?

  1. Zombie Frogg says:

    This is what happens when two untrained morons use a knife. Neither of you are using them properly and you’re getting destroyed rightfully so. The Karambit requires training. And as in all knife fights, you shouldn’t go for the body, morons.

  2. tread on this says:

    The bulk of my filipino ma training has mainly been sayok kali and silat. Though similar, both are different in utilization of the same weapons. The karambit was never meant to be a primary weapon. It was meant as a last resort if all other options have failed. At least thats the mindset in silat.

  3. 3228000 says:

    First of all the Krambit has never, and was not designed for dulling, never has been. Most people have never studied the history of this blade, it was designed as a last ditch effort toward survival by being concealed and used as a last ditch effort. Most true Krambits are very small and were used for assination if the job required it it go's back to the days of Alaxander….and was known very much as the Kama a farming tool, and was carried mostly by women

  4. Matthew King says:

    So your channel is “kali center” but the karambit is the worst edc? Man do you have any real world experience using a karambit or a hook and cut type of blade like a pikal? Karambits are meant to go head to head with other knives. That’s why there is Kali and all of its iterations, to show you the techniques to using them. They can be absolutely fucking brutal in the right hands and yours are obviously not that. Karambits are closed quarter combat knives, they aren’t mean to be an edc type knife so of course it wouldn’t make a good one. It’s a purpose built knife for very specific roles. You sound like an idiot. A real BJJ guy is exactly the type of fight you use these in. Have you ever seen the actual brutality that a claw type knife does? Severed arteries, torn ligaments, and all the other nasty shit will totally incapitate the person on the business end.

  5. Sean Stevens says:

    Shit. The guy just took down a whole pillar of the tacticool and armchair operator industry with a simple dare and experiment. Karambits are obviously close-distance weapons that require high-level skills. Redirecting, hooking, grabbing with the blade is the stuff of training classes and demonstrations. Not gonna happen in real life. Ask the Dog Brothers who can't even do a single disarm or bull—t redirect during their full-contact sparring sessions (much like blocks in Karate competition which don't exist), despite being expert Kali fighters. Lose the Karambit and get a regular folding knife with the longest straight blade you can afford to carry.

  6. combat viking says:

    Karambit works in a clinch. As in someone goes for your primary weapon and your in a clinch and need to protect the primary or create space to get to the primary. I wouldnt want to go knife to knife with it because all those fancy flow drills are not real to begin with.

  7. lagalag says:

    A Very nonsense demonstration, you know what? In the world of knife fights its all about fate , if its your time to die youll gonna die but in a gruesome way.

  8. Isaiah Swanson says:

    now by no means am I defending him since he is most definitely using it wrong, but he did say to prove him wrong, get those vids up showing that it does work. I haven't seen any. every video on this that i've seen is one very highly experienced guy like doug marcaida ripping the shit out of these no experience guys. but all of that is in slow motion so you can see exactly whats happening. in a real fight you wont have time to think about some complex headlock where you can then slit the other guy's throat. it'll just be you throwing everything at the other guy and him throwing everything at you.

  9. Joseph Williams says:

    Footwork: shit
    fighting skills: non-existent

    Ability to talk shit about stuff they have no clue about: 100

    You think that in a knife fight, you as the defender can literally SWING GIUR KNIFE LIKE A BAT, and expect anything other than failure? You guys are aiming for the same spots over and over, you're not using your off hand, not even once have I seen you pause and think of a strategy insteas of just swinging it like a toddler


  10. Joseph Williams says:

    You're not sup7to hold the karambit with its little finger ring ON YOUR FINGERS KNUCKLE. It should be in the middle of the first knucke on your hand and index fingers knuckle, because you can also use it to punch like a brass knuckle.

    I'm just done with this video, imma watch more and destroy your idea of this knife as I do.

  11. Joseph Williams says:

    "you're creating so much space between your fingers"

    Shows absolutely no change in space between the middle and index finger

    Again, did you guys know About knife fighting? I hope you don't have students.

    First off, those "fancy drills" are hope you learn how to apply different techniques of the weapon. It's not a "this is the only way to use this and the only existing combos" it's to build a basis off of and use to find out how YOU can fight.

    Secondly, no, if you hit the guys hand with the karambit the way you said would "take your knuckle clean off" it just wouldn't do that. The back of your karabit would have hit his hand, cutting it open and potentially getting stuck inside OR slash past, while your hand might get jarred from that kinda of force, your knuckle wasn't even in the way of the strike so again HOW?

  12. Joseph Williams says:

    :35 in and I'm out. You guys, have no knife training at all. First off, even the straight knife guy seems like an idiot with that thing. 2nd a karambit is used as a grappling weapon not a slasher. 3rd you never used your open hand for shit which is dumb especially in a knife fight.

    4th you guys just suck.

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