Karambit Techniques

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28 thoughts on “Karambit Techniques

  1. DG 3 says:

    I've always wondered with liner lock karambits and spine techniques. Liner lots of notoriously bad at closing under stresses to the spine such as spine wax. The mini Karambit techniques depend wholly on exerting pressure on the spine of the knife. This seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  2. Mtg mage says:

    What about non lethal take downs if you would to block and cut the arm you block or trap most muggings if you trap the arm and cut it most cases he or she would drop the knife

  3. fastr1337 says:

    i dont mean to be that dude… but if youre facing a knife you run, i dont care how good you are with it… running is always the answer. the loser of a knife fight dies on the street. the winner dies in the hospital. dont go against a knife… thats way scarier than a gun in my book.

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