Karambit Tactical Defense: How to use a knife to protect a sidearm

39 thoughts on “Karambit Tactical Defense: How to use a knife to protect a sidearm

  1. khyrzd red says:

    i think im the only one who hates the way he holds the KARAMBIT in a couple of the scenes and the way he says its name korombot like ya i didn't know A's and i make a o sound in my language but at least he didn't say korumbot like if you want to know how to say it right and know how to use it watch any karambit video from doug marcaida just saying

  2. John Doe says:

    Do not try this techniques in a real fight, that you see in this video! Look for Itay Gil, he will show you a better way to survive a fight. This is just a advertising for knives!

  3. Teddy Behr says:

    +bladehq you can even use the kramabit trainer as a kubaton style self defense tool For example I'm a bouncer it would be fast and more easy to use as in a regular kubaton pen.

  4. dhl671 says:

    i've seen this guy in other videos. almost every single video he's in he provides terrible advice and is clear that he is unqualified for the topics he discusses. case in point here, he should be giving the advice of running away or disengaging the attacker especially if the attacker is armed with a blade. if disengaging or running is not an option, then you should be immobilizing the attacking bladed hand with both hands and trying to disarm the weapon. what he demonstrates here in pulling guard, trying to tie up the bladed hand, and at the same time drawing your own weapon is ridiculous. completely ridiculous. everytime i see this fool on a YT video trying to provide advice on selfdefense, survival, etc it's like im watching a comedy skit. he's so pathetic and what's more pathetic is his smug unfounded self confidence that's so very laughable

  5. tyler basch says:

    I have recently acquired my ccw and have invested in a karambit. I am training with my sidearm and feel confident in my abilities with it, I also have a boxing background so I am "comfortable" in a fight to some extant. That being said when it comes to knives and how to properly use them, I have no clue. Would anyone have any recommendations for places to learn in Cleveland Ohio?

  6. Cecil Richardson says:

    Interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing you work with a fixed-blade karambit, though. I just got one as part of a monthly "mystery gear" shipment from CH Kadels. And just in case you're wondering, the blade on my karambit is a not a collapsible one.

  7. Arctic Gator says:

    The kerambit is a perfect "get off me knife" one thing about the folding versions is that the way the blade is shaped that unless you are stabbing and the back of the blade hits first it should never cause negative pressure on the blade causing it to fold, as log and the cutting portion of the blade contacts the target first the pressure of cutting will keep the blade from collapsing, there are very few folding knives i would trust a hard "hammerfist" style stab with, maybe crkt's knives with the lawks system, i have never used any of the cold steel knives with tri-ad locks. I also wonder why kabar hasn't made a tdi with a ring like a kerambit.

  8. jayhartRIC says:

    That knife would be considered a folding knife, right? Not an automatic open knife? I'm looking for a knife for self defense and trying not to do anything illegal. I'm also confused on how the deployment worked.

  9. Blazin'Blades says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have to disagree with the reverse grip technique shown here.
    by placing your thumb on top of the ring you are both losing the impact capabilities of the ring and exposing your thumb to be 'picked off' by either your opponent's blade or other blunt instrument.
    The thumb should either be inside the ring or curled up tight with the rest of the fingers along the body of your weapon.

  10. Pete Peterson says:

    Sir, I love your instructional on the Karambit! Very good material. If I may make one critique, your very last scenario when he rushes you and you wrap up the weapon arm, as you fall to the ground your left kidney should be punctured. I personally find it much safer and more effective to gain hand control of the weapon hand (not just higher up on the arm) to avoid any chance of my vital organs getting cut or punctured. I know some Krav Maga techniques suggest these types of controls, but they are just not safe. Just my two cents for what it's worth 🙂

  11. ШЕМ says:

    ахаххаха, самое тупое видео, которое я смотрел, называется "если ты хочешь умереть, учись у меня"

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