Karambit Neck Knife – Tactical, Practical and Affordable

My kids say the karambit knife is very popular on the CS GO game (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) but this one could actually be practical in real life as well.

44 thoughts on “Karambit Neck Knife – Tactical, Practical and Affordable

  1. Alex H says:

    "Pretty decent Chinese steel" not sure that exists. It may be cheaper but one bar of stock might have good spots that make a decent knife. And in the same bar it will have soft spots. They don't sort their steel very well before it's recycled into bar stock.

  2. Butch Hill says:

    22 dollars really good , and I myself see that you could hide it better. I'll check it out in October at SMKW. You're really good at throwing a knife. Throw a BK 9 . Only joking!

  3. DeadBoysTwo says:

    The Schrade production versions are very poor representations of my original work. I still recommend originals from me over the cheap Schrade versions, especially with the questionable issues of quality seen from them lately.

    Granted mine aren't Chinese production cheap, but I don't price gouge either. I generally recommend to not seek out the cheapest options available when concerning something that could potentially be used to defense your life.

  4. Jani Sukanen says:

    Schrade Saturday video and a nice cup of coffee 🙂 Just got back from a fishing and camping trip to an island with my son 🙂 Sleeping under the stars, fishing, campfire and testing some new knives and gear 🙂 I like the SCHF111. It has been on my shopping list for about a year now. ( with some luck I might manage to get half way of my "knives to get" list by the time I´m 70 if no one releases new models…. ) I like both the price and the design of it. Cool looking little karambit. I´d probably paracord wrap the handle. Looks like it´s extremely well balanced too! And seems the tip sure is sharp enough to cut through clothing. Ouch 🙁 Have a great Sunday Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up!

  5. David Moore says:

    I was taught that when practicing throwing a knife at a target, you don't stand at a 90 degree angle to the target. You should stand maybe 10 degrees off either side of the target. Then if it bounces back, it will go off the other way instead of back at you. I was told that after sticking myself a couple of times. lol Nice video!

  6. Steven P says:

    Bryan, Do not test glass breakers on old cellphones. I learned that the hard way about an hour ago. If it were not for having a fire extingiusher right next to me, I probally would not have a garage.

  7. BornToRunBarefoot says:

    You describe this knife as “practical”, but then you don't show any practical uses for it. Hey, I remember you! You are the person who recommended the Multi Tool Mountain Bike Knife that does not have any tools on it that are able to fit on any bike parts. Well then, I shouldn't be surprised that you made another stupid video.

  8. M. Myrick says:

    I know that you want to keep the edge sharp but it would have been interesting to see you demonstrate how it does "fighting" a cardboard box to see if your fingers slide or how it feels with resistance etc. or "hot" spots.

  9. BARRY COLE says:

    The den mothers are probably going to get dizzy with this, but it is better to not censor information just because some folks have criminal intent. We used banana knives to cut heavy yellow jacket in pipeline construction. Very easy to get snagged by the tip and they only cut deeper. Not for cowboys, mine never comes out, blood results.

  10. Gregg Woods says:

    Look at that.. A new test.. The poke test.. I think it passed…. LOL.. Well thats what duct tape is for…. This knife looks practical to carry.. At the price point it makes sense.

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