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32 thoughts on “KARAMBIT FIGHTING – Must Watch!

  1. 2663540 says:

    to much moves for this to be effective.. the show looks cool thou.
    only one grip and a slice from a karambit is more than enough.
    Karambits are terrifying evil knifes.

  2. Big S. says:

    Everyone in here is absolutly delusional starting off with the guys in the video. Since the fuck when you attack the wind? If someone is going straight at you with a knife then it is to stab you, not make slow ass moves like demonstrated and be fine with nnot hitting the target. I can tell that they haven't ever got into a fight in their lives or at least a knife fight. I learned with life that the first thing you must do if you see someone is coming at you with a knife is to mentalize as fast as you can that you're gonna get stabbed and you also want to stab him real bad before it's too late. Those moves don't exist in real life. You dare playing ninja you absolutly are getting stabbed without proper stabbing the opponent and most likely you will die since you couldn't even hurt the guy that stabbed you more than once with the intention to hurt REAL BAD. 100% ignore this and all other videos from any channel about knife techniques bla bla bla unless you wish to intimidate your own friends which will prove you that you're a piece of shit yourself. Dozens of young man die every year in my country from gang shit and mostly die for being stabbed in the neck and chest and then we have these guys that live in a peacful place pretending to be ninjas… Delusional.

  3. Yozi says:

    as someone with few years of box training i can tell you if you the enemy isnt completely retarded or drunk you will die if you try to pull that shit of…

  4. 이치고 says:

    Can you guys actually do a sparring with one of these?
    You know what they say; if the fighting style doesnt implement any kind of sparring just trash the style cuzz it dont work

  5. Andres Torres says:

    useless knife. i remember i got so fucking pissed cuz i couldnt understand how you can hit someone with a nunchuck cuz it kept bouncing of and hitting my wrist. i got so pissed i told myself that im willing to break my fucking wrist in order to hit the punching bag with the nunchucks. to my suprise, I swung it full fucking force that the nunchuck didn't bounce back, instead it stayed straight. from there on, i can fucken kill someone with those things. you have to commit when your trying to hit a bag, no hesitation or your fucked

  6. arrow doty says:

    maybe Im just 'uneducated', but I think that practicing perfect motions are not good in a fight. What if he attacks with his other hand? your technique requires your adversary to do a certain set of motions. It seems just… fake.

    That's my opinion, I'd rather just put a bullet in someone than the flashy knife stuff personally

  7. donkeytwoddle says:

    Weakest attacker effort in a demo I've seen in a while… Immitating a 90 year old arthritic person? The speed, telegraphing warning given and direction of the attack were not close to realism.

  8. Brandon Tatom says:

    I love the bargaining factor of a karambit, but usually in a knife fight. The person coming at you, isn't going to stab at your face. they would try a diagonal throat slash, and if they try stabbing you, they are going for the gut fast, strong, and repeatedly. Also, you're training is a little defective, considering the fact that when you started to put in that work, he didn't use his left hand much at all near the end. Though these are good moves, I don't think they are very realistic.

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