Karambit Blade Work With Doug Marcaida

Guro Doug Marcaida demonstrates the uses of the karambit blade. The karambit is an exotic curved blade used in both Indonesian and Filipino martial arts.

20 thoughts on “Karambit Blade Work With Doug Marcaida

  1. Cringe Bot says:

    I don't recommend using a knife in self defense, unless someone pulls a knife on you first. If they have a gun, and are not within 15 feet of you, a knife is useless. And if you decide to use a knife on someone who is using their fists, you had better get away fast after you stab someone, because you're looking at a serious charge.

  2. RAGHAVENDAR K says:

    on the risk of sounding ignorant// i hav a bad question regarding the foldable variants of karambit/// wat happens if the the opponet reverse slashes the knife part [ when hand held] wont it cut our pinky finger wen it folds back[ to its orginal retractable position// pls reply if possible

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