KARAMBIT Beginner Technique – How to Use the Karambit Instantly!

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46 thoughts on “KARAMBIT Beginner Technique – How to Use the Karambit Instantly!

  1. The God for bid says:

    Let's just say for the sake of time to those that question a armed man or woman against a unarmed man or woman these styles, Kali to the God only knows how many variations of Silat were designed for assassins. Not parkour mastered guy in a hoodie type of thing but real life shit. A lot of people n practitioners don't really throw out the old nicknames for Filipino and Indonesian knife fighting out there but these were nicknamed "The Murder Arts". Of course you can use it defensively but they're designed for death. He's just showing a technique. I like Paul and it blows my mind that more people aren't subscribed bc he is one of the better instructors out there. I've never seen a video that I didn't like on here. Peace until you have to cut off pieces.

  2. Surya Bimantara .S says:

    This knife is make your target can dead slowly. and before the death your target can feel painful fight. function of this karambit/kerambit is slashing muscle movers in your target body, so your target can't use their hands and feet for do something. even in can't use their feet to stand up and hands to raise up. And in Indonesia just a great Martial Artist who's using this for play with their targets and giving the painful.

  3. Boozger says:

    Everyone, especially beginners, please do not try this technique in combat, or in a defensive physical confrontation. It may not be effective, and might even get you killed if your target has a weapon as well. Unless you have practiced it enough times on tires so you are comfortable with the way the blade may catch. If your wrists are not strong and you are unfamiliar with the forces acting upon the blade when it strikes, there is a significant risk of spraining or breaking your wrist with the first strike to the ribs if it gets caught on bone.

    Additionally, after striking the opponent's (Tom) right underarm, flipping from the reverse to front grip in front of their face is not a good idea in a real life situation. Notice how after the second strike, Tom drops his left arm from a defensive position, down to his hip. Once you have made the first strike on your opponent, he'll know you aren't fuckin around, and the fight or flight response will kick in, as a massive surge of adrenaline begins pumping though his veins. You are both in a high-stress environment and your opponent will react quickly and violently because his life depends on it.

    You likely will be unsuccessful in transitioning the grips and landing the strike on the neck followed by the take-down. If by whichever way you managed to be successful up until this point, you should step away from the target and tell them to drop their weapon if they are still armed, and remain on the ground. Keep a striking distance so that you are able to enforce that rule, or immediately try to run if you do not need to remain with the target. If you are trying to neutralize your target, seek to deliver killing blows as they are trying to get back on their feet, or once they are back up again. I do not advise to take the fight to the ground, this is a riskier position for you to be in if the target is; trained, much bigger, or still armed.

    This looks cool for demonstrative purposes, but it is not advisable to reproduce in a combative situation.

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  5. guy incognito says:

    Some of the techniques using the back of the blade as a striking tool will only work with a fixed karambit. The liner lock isn't designed to withstand that kind of pressure and can collapse on the fingers. I practice with the Strider models for those style of techniques ,or even better double edged

  6. Kali Center says:

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