KARAMBIT Basic Flips & Grips – Kali Escrima Arnis – Karambit Knife Techniques

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49 thoughts on “KARAMBIT Basic Flips & Grips – Kali Escrima Arnis – Karambit Knife Techniques

  1. jordan geerard says:

    welp look at it this way you use a real blade makes ya wanna make sure u dont mess up right? ive totally hit my wrist with the blde. in this case prepare too….

  2. Mr. Bread says:

    My very first karambit came in 2 nights ago, no idea what so ever first time flipping it, it hit my wrists and made a small gash, learned my lesson that night how to hold it properly

  3. drh kleinert says:

    Can anyone explain to me why all the guys now love the karambit? Because it looks cool? Or bec its a new gadget? In my opinion it is dangerous, no doubt, til now not banned in many countrys (ok, its a matter of time) and not so useful than a normal knife.

  4. MEME star says:

    im 10 and as most 10 yrs olds i make dumd desisions one of them was training with a live karambit and cut my arm since my arms are smaller than an adults it cut my arm luckly not my wrist

  5. Lucas Vé says:

    +Kali Center a good tip to keep people from stabbing their own arms on the return flip is to keep their wrist straight and have their hand in a sort of cupped position.
    Another good tip is for people to practice with a trainer blade. They are relatively cheap compared to real blades. And if karambits or balisongs are illegal in their area, the trainer versions are actually legal everywhere.
    I live in California, we have very strict knife laws here and I own a few trainer balisongs and karambits that I practice with in public.
    Sure I have to deal with some inquisitive police officers occasionally, but they all generally leave me alone after I show them that the blades aren't sharp or pointy.
    If karambit students in California want to practice with a real blade in public and not have to carry it openly at all times, then they need to get the folding knife version.

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