Karambit and Knife Circular Flow Drills – The Kali Way



Kali Flow Drills showing the Circular Flow. Marcaida Kali Annual Membership: Be sure to Like & Comment! SUBSCRIBE to Doug Marcaida …

24 thoughts on “Karambit and Knife Circular Flow Drills – The Kali Way

  1. Anthony Burgess says:

    I do Japanese jujutsu/ninjutsu and have been interested in training in kali…..I've always loved knives and sticks….I've been training in the arts for 22 years and I'm wondering will this art clash with my other disciplines?

  2. TimesNwRoman says:

    It would be really cool if you teamed up with someone who really knows how to use a camera and did a show with those light things. Could probably make a really amazing video.

    Great stuff.

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