KALI TECHNIQUES : Sticks / Knives / Empty Hands



The biggest misconception about the Filipino fighting arts is that it’s ONLY a weapons system. With or without weapons, a Kali practitioner is always armed.

12 thoughts on “KALI TECHNIQUES : Sticks / Knives / Empty Hands

  1. copypacercopypacer says:

    @xekxkox I"m sorry but dog brothers aren't great in kali, there more low class in stick fighting, i mean everytime they fight, the person who tackles first and wrestles wins. Its stupid, unless your saying jijutsu or bjj is better.

  2. Matt Johnson says:

    I originally thought the same thing when I was young. I didn't see the point in learning how to beat people with sticks as that's all I thought there was to FMA. As soon as I started playing Eskrima I realised how much of a complete system it really is. Of all the arts I have studied FMA is the only one, in my opinion, that covers everything.

  3. xekxkox says:

    @MPSecare no such thing as is one attribute better. The answer to your question is SOMETIMES. Size and strength means more in the real world than in a Martial Arts Demo. TKD LOOKs really cool and is nice and fast, but is nearly worthless in a fight. Not a martial arts or mma contest, but RL. Check out the Dog Brothers if you want to see Kali done real time. Search them on YT. That said, I am escrimador myself and BLADESOCIETY: AWESOME VID!!!!

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