Kali Sticks Video: Julius Melegrito Demonstrates Fast Single-Stick Disarm

Get more from Julius Melegrito: Learn how to engage a single-stick combatant and disarm him quickly and definitively from Black Belt …

13 thoughts on “Kali Sticks Video: Julius Melegrito Demonstrates Fast Single-Stick Disarm

  1. Tyler Lalonde says:

    I would like to see you guys out since safety gear on and get some real sticks and power. Not light rattan and quick light hits that don't do anything. The twirling looks cool but I still don't care for it in a demo.

  2. Scytso Winters says:

    Acctualy nvm that comment your holding his right hand so even if he tryed that you would be able to stop him from doing his block and affectively land the blow to the head. Nice tutorial 😀

  3. Scytso Winters says:

    Could he not just remove his hold on your right hand while raising his right arm for a cross block with his stick so you cant counter him with a blow to the head from your right stick?

  4. Santo Miguel says:

    If one understands Filippino culture; laughter while performing techniques is normal and acceptable. The "Agta" is from a different culture; and therefore laughs only when something is funny to him.

  5. osteo_ nick says:

    @FabTL. There was nothing egotistcal about Melegrito's demonstration. If anything, your redundant comment reeks of egotism. It simply looked like they were enjoying themselves whilst demosntrating a particular technique. And who cares if Remy Presas showed this years ago. It's all about getting the information out there and sharing the knowledge, regardless who demonstrates it.

  6. Fab TL says:

    Why do you laugh so much when you complete a technique? Ego in front of the camera? Small…. Plus there are plenty of videos of Mr Presas showing your stuff years ago.

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