Kali Stick Impact Drills | Escrima Arnis



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25 thoughts on “Kali Stick Impact Drills | Escrima Arnis

  1. GenesisXTRM says:

    I really can't tell you how much you've helped me in my journey from self defense enthusiast to someday earning the right to call myself a practitioner, I REALLY wanna make it up for one of the ITC weeks, but I'm in VA so I'd have to save some money, totally gonna be worth it when I do though, keep doing what ya'll do

  2. ManicDemise says:

    Would be great to see another video featuring doble baston and bo staff strikes on Bob.

    I would like to ask, Do the sticks end up leaving splits in the Bob dummy after a while?

  3. Samurai says:

    This is Cool. One question. When a attacker comes with Speed and Power how you can defend it with Sticks and without Sticks. Can you make a Video about it. Best wishes from Germany.

  4. freidmaen says:

    Hey Paul, I just bought your Kali Fundamentals DVD and I love it. The detailed step by step breakdowns have completely changed the way I have been practicing Kali – thankfully before I started developing bad habits. Thanks for putting such great training out there and I'm definitely looking forward to immersing myself more in the future.

  5. VTSifuSteve says:

    Looks like a great workout, chambering behind the back, big wind up, big follow through. Kind of a Pekiti "Lobtik" or DBMA "cave man" ? Great for a finishing blow. But do you really train, non telegraphic, tightly-zoned, explosive short-power shots? Like Cadena de Mano boxers or Latosa Escrima? Maybe you could post a link?

  6. Pernell Cook says:

    Awesome vid!!! Dude that impact hit was sick!!! The power you were creating was impressive just imagining the poor guy that would take a strike like that game over. Great videos!!!

  7. Ian McKlatchie says:

    Finally, it can be seen how graphically and desirably destructive even just ONE of these sticks can be, when wielded with grim determination and form! I suggest buying a head protector, for Bob, though…he'll last longer, as a product!

  8. Robinson says:

    I like how you strike from behind the back without telegraphing. I have the similar Lonsdale Spar Partner that is getting plenty of lockdown usage.. I'm inspired to do my first training upload to the Kali Center Compound. Your power looks impressive from mere rattan!

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