Kali Stick Drills – Espada Y Daga

Advance your Kali coordination with Espada Y Daga drills. Try out this amazing drill! Learn more Kali at my online training academy. Join us today at …

15 thoughts on “Kali Stick Drills – Espada Y Daga

  1. Justinian S says:

    Id love to see youre take on weapons from other systems id like to see for example how you would use a katana or evin some weapons from kabudo it would be amazing to see you and a kabudoka compare notes

  2. Russell Davis says:

    Yet another great video, why am I not surprised. Loved the drill, start and stay slow THEN increase difficulty. My only “comment” would be regarding using a blade or trainer, not all hits are with the edge, whittick can use the spine or flat of the blade, against the head or arm.

  3. Pagan Patriot says:

    Damn it Ingram! LOL now I have to make a training Bolo, and training knife. LOL I looked for already made aluminum trainers, but… damn they want too much for soft metal mass production stuff. Cheaper to make them out of steel myself, and they are a little closer in weight to the real deal! still watching and I love what you do. Oops… just saw the end of the video. LOL but yeah, been doing escrima for years now, and Kali/Silat/Arnis/etc as well. I love your vids as they are flawless refreshers! what you do, and what your Father did are amazing things, and I am glad to see the teaching is living on! (I heard many good things from my former trainer as I've mentioned in the past) you are good people!

  4. Chris Dunnett says:

    Good video but just to clarify… "Espada" Y Daga refers to sword and dagger. Baston Y Daga refers to stick and dagger so at the start when you refer to the stick as Espada is inaccurate

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