Kali sparring in Toronto (with body armour)

3 thoughts on “Kali sparring in Toronto (with body armour)

  1. freestylefighter2012 says:

    Thank you for your comment
    first of all you do not understand what you are saying and I believe that you never experienced or saw an actual fight with a blade or blunt weapon in the street.
    2 things you can do when dealing with a long range weapon, first is to move away out of range but you risk of getting hit by the second or third strike because the attacker will keep moving forward to slash and hack and the second thing you can do is to stop the action of the attack by attacking the base or the origin of the movement, if it is an overhead attack you stop the motion by preventing the shoulder joint flexion or stopping the movement of the upper arm, the threat is in the hand because it has the blade the upper arm and forearm will not cut you and that is the area that you can grab and control.
    In this video we are preparing for a competition not a street fight and you can do your own B##L S ##T training the way you want it and the world doesn't care about what you do and I fully understand your Dumb @$$ opinion

  2. guitardaddy6 says:

    Is this a joke?

    If you were without protetive gear, and fighting against someone with a stick or a machete, you would not be that close.

    Why train unrealistically?

    Put on the protective gear and pretend like you aren't wearing it. otherwise, protective gear is U.S.E.L.E.S.S.

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