Kali Research Academy / Double Weapon Fighting (Knife and Tomahawk)

Tecniche di combattimento con coltello e tomahawk eseguite dal Maestro Patrizio Belcaro Fighting techniques with both knife and tomahawk by Master Patrizio …

22 thoughts on “Kali Research Academy / Double Weapon Fighting (Knife and Tomahawk)

  1. 〉〉 Unknown says:

    I don't understand why you would use your dominate hand to wield an axe, it would remove the possibility to throw it and as the axe is more of blunt force trauma would negate the need for accuracy. It would be more realistic as an offhand weapon, where you can hook a weapon or a shield and unleash a killing blow with a sword or spear.

  2. AN71H3RO says:

    A little to fancy for my taste. With those round moves, it seems to me all your opponent has to do, is to step foreward to cut or stab you. Why don't you either take the arm out or even better go for the kill after a succesful block?

  3. Alexander Moffitt says:

    Anybody can do that shit in slow motion. Not many can do all that fancy shit in a real life situation. Stuff happens real quick. I'm not saying he can't do that but I am saying that 1 hit will kill someone. No reason to hook them and shit when you can literally just whack them in the face once and they instantly go to meet Jesus.

  4. Leigh1302 says:

    The only thing i dont like about it is that the attacker is standing still waiting for the defender to do his thing. Makes it good in theory and choreography but lacks the reality of continual movement on both sides.

  5. Qtip says:

    That was pretty badass now I realize why the tomohawk is such a revered weapon. I noticed that a lot of the 'moves' you guys used were the same kind of thing you could do in trapping only they apply even better with a tomohawk/axe. Not sure why some are hating on the demonstration, they must not have real training experience which is too bad for them. 🙂

  6. Anthony Nailon says:

    my biggest problem with videos like this is that yes they teach you all these disarming techniques but they do so with the other guy not even putting up a fight i would like to see videos a little more based in reality where it's a legitimate fight where the other guy struggles

  7. AKlover says:

    Wouldn't the hawk "bite" more.  I don't think the flow through of the hawk strikes would be anywhere near that fluid.  My guess is your hawk would stick.

  8. Dreyas D'Ordin says:

    Awesome. Duel weapons, one of my favorites, and these are really good moves. I love the grapple style he uses, I used to do SCA but they hate stuff like this because they can't defend against it lol, best ways to use two weapons. Great job!

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