KALI LOCKS form the Hubud Drill. Must See!



Let’s have some fun today working a couple Kali locks and techniques out of the Hubud drill. Get more training now at Purchase …

25 thoughts on “KALI LOCKS form the Hubud Drill. Must See!

  1. An Drew says:

    The founder of Balintawak Escrima killed his would be assassin, while being stabbed in the street, by breaking his attacker's spine (dumog-grappling) with empty hand techniques…which earned him a criminal conviction and prison sentence for manslaughter which is documented (unlike the claims of other FMA grandmasters) for using Escrima empty hand methods to kill the man that stabbed him with the knife. So it's evident that Balintawak Escrima had effective empty hand defense methods incorporated into weapons training, even if some FMA schools don't teach efficient, effective, dumog that evolves from the hubud lubud flow.

  2. jamesinct says:

    As usual another great video from the Kali center ! Yes Ollie learning Kali can be painful ! Lol . Actually any lock you know can be thrown into the mix , but in reality that come along is a hard one to get , but I really like this transition ./ Makes that come along a little easier , thanks for sharing ! KALI LIFE !!!!!

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