Kali Knife Training Deadly!

This video is about Kali Knife Training Deadly! This video shows the flow and different ways to handle the knife and so much more…

2 thoughts on “Kali Knife Training Deadly!

  1. Jake Mill says:

    I understand this is just a drill but my only concern is by palming the feeder's knife arm, you can potentially miss or slip and thus get stabbed. Or if the knife attack is too strong, it can push through the palm. Would it be better to tap/parry using the entirety of the arm?

  2. warriorethic says:

    Do you practice JKD, Inosanto-Lacoste Blend? Just wondering. When you used lap sao as a term, I had to ask. Started Kali about a year ago training primarily Inosanto method with some Lameco and Dekiti Tirsia Serradas thrown in as a bonus. Kinda learning old school, training in my instructor's garage and backyard once or twice a week. I am not very good yet, but I am improving. Thanks for the video.

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