17 thoughts on “Kali Knife Fighting

  1. Rocco Durazza says:

    I'm traning for my black belt now at my Kali gym. And I'm a massive fan of this channel – is there a way for me to purchase your 'empty hand' intrustional videos without signing up?

  2. David Bareford says:

    I love how martial arts around the world (at least the effective ones) work on such similar principles! The knife disarm starting around 1:53 is exactly the play depicted by the 1st Master of the Dagger from Fiore de LIberi's manuscript Fior di Battaglia written in Italy about 1409. Identical. So cool.

  3. Christian de Vera says:

    i spar with a balisong, and have been taught to hold up it in the reverse grip as it's the proper way as you demonstrated and been practicising a thrust, slash, stab flow with kali footwork and sinawali and.. this… is just awesome. I feel so confident in my Kali training I was sparring with a 6'1 Samoan who does boxing and muay thai and Kali especially elbow destructions to counter block kicks works so well. #Kali Life

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