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32 thoughts on “Kali KNIFE FIGHTING Technique – MUST WATCH!

  1. Scaredrow Tard says:

    Nice video! I showed it to my Combatives instructor and he meant that if you fight like this on the street you get killed. Unrealistic thrusting distance and angle used by the attacker, literally no realistic combat movement. The attacker doesn't fight back and you need to make 3 moves for every move he does. Smooth "Kali Movement" instead, makes it look movie-like but not realistic. Nevertheless I think you're a good fighter and I would like to know what you think about the criticism my instructor mentioned.

  2. John Anderson says:

    what a great video! been getting into knife training. wondering if you've ever experienced pulling a second knife from your left hand once you got opponents knife arm up and your behind him? and straight kidney cut? or neck cut?

  3. silent vmcf says:

    so i love the tecnique but would like to hear your thoughts about switching the blade inward towards you instead of outward. the reason I say that is because when you take him down and come back across the body it makes for a nice slicing opportunity. I like holding the blade towards my forearm to use for trapping and skinning…. just my preference but train with both inside and outside four straight blade

  4. marcusMA says:

    Paul , love this clip via the Knife defense. Way to stay close in order to subdue ,but keeping a to the one side of the person to not let him counter. I will get there in Illinois to meet hairball. I am having some difficulty with health insurance issues at this time. I will get there. This countrys gig e ornament SUCKS.

  5. Mikey Do says:

    Love the knife vid.  Any other options you suggest rather then locking up almost a arm triangle choke?  I'd worry about the op's knife arm bending back and catching some of me.  Not saying he could, I am an amateur just value your input.  Thanks!Respectfully;Michael

  6. Timothy Barfield says:

    Hey Guru Paul! Another great vid! I especialy love how you give detail to your instruction and then encourage practitioners to play with it to see how they can make it work for them. You are a great instructor. I also love looking for similarities within styles. If you get the chance, watch some Aikido Irimi Nage. You'll find it very interestingly similar to the technique you demostrated. Just a thought. I find that kinda stuff intriguing.

    Keep rockin man. PS: where do you find all the cool music you get for your vids? I love it!.

  7. Tyler Lalonde says:

    sweet vid Paul. a lot of people try to discredit fma because you first learn knife on knife. but that's just to learn how someone attacks with it. which is why I like fma it first teaches you to use it then how to defend against it.

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