Kali Knife Fighting | ESCRIMA Knife Drill

The first most important skill in Kali would be footwork followed up by the close second the ability to neutralize the weapon of the opponent. Train with us more …

16 thoughts on “Kali Knife Fighting | ESCRIMA Knife Drill

  1. Biostatic says:

    He does not cross leggin, it looks like but its a cross-step, that are two different moves, and its not clearly shown in the video because they playin around and have fun, and so should drillin sometimes be, cross-steppin is a very powefull move if you do it in perfect time with a counter, and every one who says kalicenter or he s bullshit have no idea how good he is.. cheers

  2. Bruce Milbrath says:

    Thank you Mr. Ingram for the video lessons. I really appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm for what you do. Are there any double knife drills you could share? One where you have a knife in each hand?

  3. PochocloEn3D says:

    Hi, i got a question, i think is not a good idea to cross legs the way you do cause its less stable and makes you a bit slower, Are there any gains in doing it that way? My teachers always told me to no not cross my legs while fighting thats why im curious about your technique.

  4. Phil Winfield says:

    Side-stepping footwork here aided by leg-split stretches, hip abductor exercises, side-lunges. To practice strike accuracy while working solo: May experiment with suspending a tennis ball with string from ceiling/tree at shoulder-height… "Hit that hand!"

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