Kali Knife and Empty Hand Techniques : Filipino Martial Arts

Kali training with John de Leon, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Fancy techniques for demonstration purposes only. Training weapons courtesy of …

20 thoughts on “Kali Knife and Empty Hand Techniques : Filipino Martial Arts

  1. jerrod255 says:

    Sorry but against knife or sword all these tecnics are useless. I'm an italian storycombat fencer and i know what i'm saying. I can demostrate it when you want.

  2. rbt4rbt says:

    I watched "Human Weapon: Eskrima Stickfighting" on Youtube and learned a lot about your styles of fighting and the history behind it. You must feel proud to keep it alive and well so it's never lost.

  3. rbt4rbt says:

    The movements have flow. Flow is efficiency in time. A knife attack obviosly is a horrible situation; so many ways to get cut by a determined attacker. Still, when in the situation, something has to be done and it is much better to be trained to have an attack. Their hand and arm has to come near us to cut, and swift motions of attack combined with motions of blade avoidance are essential. Thanks for the example of fluid motions. I learned from you, for sure.

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