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  1. Morgan Lim says:

    I think over the years, the essence of JKD concepts have been misinterpreted. Martial arts, regardless of style, by definition, are opportunistic. you trained your entire body to take advantage of the situation at hand since any physical encounter is highly unpredictable and fluid. The only constant is your own muscle memory, adaptation and fitness.

  2. shlokda says:

    I have a ton of Vunak DVD's. The stuff sounded great and looks awesome, and a good bit of it is relevant, particularly the emphasis on headbutts knees and elbows, etc. However, after spending a few years actually training in Krav Maga, and doing a LOT of full contact sparring and fighting with gear with full speed and force and a variety of different opponents, you really get to see how insanely difficult and flat out impractical trapping is in most situations. If you go around with the mindset of trapping punches, or expect people to just let their arms linger there waiting for you to take them, you will get hurt. There are definitely "traps" that are useful in certain contexts and situations, but not these wing-chun style ones trying to pluck strikes out of the air.

  3. StonedPatriot says:

    Hmm… I wonder if Jiujutsu would flow well with this. My personal opinion is never to get on the ground, that's where the guys buddies are able to stomp on you, and that's just a general philosophy of mine and not related to any specific art. I am sure I'm not alone in this. On your feet you are mobile and fluid. So escape from the ground is important to me, I don't want to be comfortable there… But I wonder if Jiujutsu would help in that matter. But then again, he is explaining here that this is merely regarding trapping range, the working range of these close in fighting styles (as opposed to the flashy kicks of TKD and others similar). I am just looking into Kali-JKD and have a school near by, so as you might tell so far I don't know much of anything about this art. JKD = a Philosophy as I understand it, not an art in and of itself. It can borrow from many different arts to suit the purpose for YOU or just ME. So if you are using Kali as a base, a JKD philosophy would allow you to add in many things from other styles if it goes well with your flow. So Muay Thai and Wing Chun techniques could make their way into what you are doing if those techniques work in your flow… Or your fighting methods. Through this you create a system for YOU which works well for YOU… Your own style. What is right for you isn't always right for another. I took Tai Kwon Do as a kid. It's not for me, but it may be for someone else. But the lower, shorter kicks of Thai Fighting… THOSE have worked well for me. But so far everything I have learned has made me into a stand up MMA sort, and not even a good one at that. But it's worked…. Now I look at Kali and think it may be for me. I plan to take some classes to see how I think of it. I think I should find at least some art and stick to it, in that I should stay in it long enough to say this is what I base my fighting style on. I've taken Tai Kwon Do, karate, boxed a bit, even went to some "Ninjutsu Dojo" (Rolling my eyes here, the dude was a joke). But I've never stayed with any of them.

  4. dennyreno says:

    I have problem! Not very many people took JKD because there are no dojo. Now in future you can buy dvd set and show up and get certified. How long does it take to get a jkd dojo in Reno Nevada and else where. America need chain school for jkd please apply!

  5. Michael I says:

    such a misconception of JKD, apparently the man hasn't read any of Bruce's writings, i.e.: Fighting Method, Tao of Jeet Kune Do. You are not a Thai Fighter, you are not a wing chun man…you are a JKD man, plain and simple. JKD is not the mixing and matching of martial arts.  Word for word from the TAO. 

  6. 0713mas says:

    He forgot pumbling/ clinch range which is slightly closer than trap range. More combative & rudimentary than trapping, IMO trapping should've taught as advanced technique

  7. Megabop5 says:

    Well,all i can say,Paul Vunak was,is and will be a great JKD instrcutor,and jkd works as fillipino martial arts is very usefull in urban surrounding,but paul is right,so if you dont have range control,nothing works..

  8. Dawadah king david says:

    Add what is Usefull but it must not take away from that which is simple. Blocking is a low level but we All do It. Parrying is more advanced but still a low level. Evade. Slip Snap Back Counter Intercept Not just kick the Balls. IF THE ATTACK COMES FROM THE CENTER ATTACK AT AN ANGLE " Semi Circle" IF THE ATTACK COMES FROM AN ANGLE. ATTACK THE CENTER. simple

  9. Kevin Gallagher says:

    That would fall under "And add what is specifically your own". I "get it" bcuz as the Philosophy does state "If it works 4u? Use it." However, It's completely ignoring the "Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless" portion that precedes the "And add what is…" By "dropping" Kali? I hope you mean in a certain "situation" #1) Fact: Having known/met/trained w/Dan&Paul they'd disagree FULLY #2) "Just intercept ALL movements"= "Just kick in Balls" If so easy? Just become a "Ball-Fu" Master no?

  10. baldieman64 says:

    It's aways good to come back to these vids to touch base.
    The concepts are universal and transferable.
    Whilst MMA/BJJ is good stuff and a vital support system for when it goes to the ground, a viable armoury of infighting and dirty tricks is always a good place to start.
    Video's by the likes of Paul and Dan certainly made be rethink my own approach to Japanese Ju-Jitsu and the bridge from punching and kicking to grappling range..

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