KALI FMA – Training in Heaven on Earth in the Black Hills

We hiked up to what’s called Heaven’s Peak and trained some Kali. It’s a beautiful sight and a wonderful place to train. Subscribe and click the bell! Join Kali …

20 thoughts on “KALI FMA – Training in Heaven on Earth in the Black Hills

  1. Ganja Joe says:

    Hi Paul! Joe here! Just joined your online school for a year (Mike G. on the thing) and have 2LT Prado making a black Ginunting for me! Thanks for making me a better martial artist, my friend! I've taken several "traditional" martial arts systems on in my studies and Kali seems to be the only one which really makes sense to me, other than Silat, Kali's Mom. For instance the "Eight Point Blocking" system in Karate and TKD just don't make any sense at all with blades in play. You're beautiful to enrich our lives with this art. Thank You!

  2. luke kletke says:

    I greatly appreciate all the hard work you put into these videos. The footage of all the scenery, and most of all the training itself. I may practice a different martial art than you guys but I admire your passion.

  3. 1sunstyle says:

    You guys are so lucky you can still train! I am crippled and practice different styles a few minutes a day! I wish I had a stick to pick up. I love training weapons. Beautiful place! Always helps. Peace.

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