Kali Fighting Style | Stick Fighting | Knife Fighting Techniques

Special thanks to Taqqee and CQC Academy in Ann Arbor, MI for hosting a great seminar. We trained hard for 2 days straight. For more training info visit …

8 thoughts on “Kali Fighting Style | Stick Fighting | Knife Fighting Techniques

  1. Melissa Sue Smith says:

    I really am 777, I really am the Sacred Goddess of the OT, I am called God as I am the Masculine. My best friends are Donald Trump, Kayne West and Ben Shapiro, also Benjamin Netanyahu as I am the Heir of David, I am literally the Queen (called King of Israel). I Missy, shall never seek you out! Ever!!!

  2. Chris Dunnett says:

    Nice work! And we all know the most important element of a real knife fight is to not let your sunglasses fall off your head LOL. Sorry, had to throw that in ;). In all seriousness though, good work!

  3. Kali Center says:

    I want to thank everyone who attended the Ann Arbor, MI Seminar. What a great group of practitioners to train with. A special thank you to Taqqee at CQC Academy for hosting the event. Also, a special thanks to Mario for showing me some incredible internal Kung Fu for health training. This is why I love teaching seminar, I get the opportunity to meet incredible people, receive your questions train with others I never get to train with on a regular basis. Plus, it's always wonderful making new friends in different places. I hope I get to train with you at an upcoming event!

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