Kali Empty Hand Techniques | Training For the Streets

Kali has a great blend of empty hand techniques from striking, to grappling and even kicking. Enroll in the online training academy today at …

10 thoughts on “Kali Empty Hand Techniques | Training For the Streets

  1. rr po says:

    LOL, the other guy, he has one hand free, he is not going to do anything with it? LOL this is ridiculous, now anyone who has ever been in a real fight will understand this is very funny.

  2. 1sunstyle says:

    I like to take a homie off their feet and lock their wrist or elbow or shoulder until the Cops come and Book Em Danno! In Silat we practice a lot of crouching and locking someone grounded while crouching. It's easy to stand up from a crouch as opposed to a prone position. It's good to know lethal force for extreme violence and also nerve access for a humane approach. If I see a bunch of people with knives drawn I will use lethal force. Fukc em.

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