Kali Empty Hand Knock Out Techniques – Escrima Arnis



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29 thoughts on “Kali Empty Hand Knock Out Techniques – Escrima Arnis

  1. Beau Doubleday says:

    Seriously not trying to compare or discredit, I have alot of respect for this martial art. I'm just curious because these techniques look very telegraphed and meaning there are multiple body clues its happening before the strike lands. even the elbow strike has a windup up to it. Just wondering why?

  2. teknomogul says:

    note how he sidesteps with the slap. the slap is not only a disorienting offensive strike, the attack aids the defensive sidestep by giving the opponent something to respond to; it's simple, unsophisticated, and very effective. let's say you have a knife in your right hand, and nothing in your left; what's more, you suck with your left hand. you can at the very least employ these basic slapping techniques with your crappy left hand, and give the opponent something to respond to when you attack with the knife, miss or get deflected, and have to recover your balance/position; the slap is perfect for that and more. also, imo, the forearm is best directed at the neck.

  3. ufutz says:

    Nice, but you forgot the most important part of the slap technique…

    When you hit shout "take that, and that, and that." Try it next time, you'll see it makes the strikes better. 😉

  4. Katie S says:

    Awesome, would like some more empty hands stuff please. Would it be worthwhile to practice getting too close in a single stick drill and backing that up with a strike from your empty hand? Assuming grabbing/trapping the opponent's stick arm is not an option at the time.

  5. Nicky Book says:

    I like the open handed methods, very good for grabbing. But if it really comes to life or death and I have to fight, I'd rather risk breaking a few fingers with punches for the extra damage. Besides, as someone who trained in boxing, Kali's closed fists just flow better with me.

  6. Stefano Dawg says:

    Demonstrate some varied Guntings? And the elbow can work on other targets such as arms, solar plexus and heart. Important to use the tip of the elbow to bury a penetrating strike. Bob needs a bath

  7. Neander0531 says:

    Look… Real opponent is not Bob. He moves, he reacts, he defends himself… Actually, he hits back. E.g. that combination with slap in real life will look like: opponent bloks your slap (it's ve-e-e-ry noticeable) and hits with cross directly to your chin. Clear, you shouldn't believe me… But ask some boxer or kick-boxer personally about this techniques.

  8. John Bedinghaus says:

    I really like seeing the application of weapons training to the empty hands. Personally, I'd like to see even more of it in the Kali Center Empty Hands curriculum. Do you, or will you, ever get into things like takedowns and Dumog techniques? I know I don't really see any of that kind of training in the KC curriculum. Just curious. Thanks for the video!

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