Footage taken during the UST FMA recruitment drive, July 2013; University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila, Philippines. Official Facebook page …

30 thoughts on “KALI / ARNIS / ESKRIMA: UST FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS GROUP ; Espana , Manila , Philippines

  1. Cameron Villanueva says:

    everything is making so much sense to me right now. I dance and I've always naturally found myself dancing with spinning arm movements and twirling sticks swiftly and rhythmically, which I now see is in the Filipino fifty percent of my blood breathing in me. I can't wait to start practicing this beautiful art that i have only just discovered, but which has already been a part of who i am.

  2. Gian Oyson says:

    Nice moves very skillful…arm trapping techniques are very similar to bruce lees jet kune do since bruce lee taught dan inosanto tekniks abowt wingchun and dan inosanto taught bruce lee arnis and kali…dan inosanto was a pilipino who brought arnis and kali to united states…they learned from each other thats why they evolved and created a very effective martial arts system especially in the streets…see how they get the knives and lock the elbow and wrist joints?..very similar to jet kune do locks…mabuhai… how much per session?

  3. Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

    I call bs on the editing your friend out when ever he attacks. But of course we got to see you do your attacks. You guys have good demos so please try harder to really show your skills. Since editing out slow and unrealistic attacks doesn't make you look good.

  4. HeavyMetalArmor936 says:

    Nice video doc. Thank you for visiting during the recruitment last June. The bladed weapon drills (sword sumbrada, blade and knives flow, yes they worked) Especially the empty hand applications definitely got the new members' attention. Pugay! 🙂

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