Kalaripayattu Training Documentary – Kalari techniques – varma kalai-kalari fight-kalari basics

Buddha Kalari, an academy of Kalaripayattu and centre for Marma has the distinction of keeping alive the great legacy of martial arts handed down for …

11 thoughts on “Kalaripayattu Training Documentary – Kalari techniques – varma kalai-kalari fight-kalari basics

  1. pukazh vanthen says:

    hello you, utter waste, useless kalari payats, you cant stand in front of silambam. silambam is ultimate, the only deadly war art originated from tamilnadu. you are just earning money by showing orchestration of synchronized body movements. cannot be useful stuffs. come and bend down to silambam.

  2. UNNI KRISHNAN says:

    The video is fantastic. Effort  done by the team Buddha Kalari is excellent. The salutation movement , locks in bare handed fight, throws in dagger fight, long cane and urumi wielding … everything makes the total video very attractive.

  3. Praveen Vp says:

    Hai Suchith Master, awesome video. Always your team's performance is remarkable. Thanks a lot for up loading such thrilling martial art performances. This Documentary on Kalaripayattu shows that Kalaripayattu is the Mother of Martial Arts.Keep it up.

  4. rohit mohan says:

    Brilliant performance. This is real kalarippayat. The style, movements, speed, deadly locks, leaps ,jumps, everything  is coordinated amazingly.Buddha kalari is the best team . 

  5. Varun V p says:

    This is the BEST Documentary of Kalaripayattu I had ever seen. The different forms of kalari techniques, northern and southern styles are combined here.This is the best  traditional martial art institution in India. Keep going. Master…we are expecting more and more videos like this. Awesome…

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