Kaiser Creations – Premium Leather Hand Grips Ideal for Gymnastics and Weightlifting with Wrist Support and E-Book (Large)

Price: $49.99

Why should I choose Kaiser Creations?

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The Kaiser Creations training grips are far from being just the average cross fit gloves. We know how much your workout means to you, and likewise we know that from time to time you just need a little “push”. From now on, every time you take a look at your hands and see the Kaiser Creation messages stitched on every pair, you will get that extra bit of motivation to lift #10 more. #Kaiser

These extra durable premium leather hand grips are designed to offer you all the needed protection for your palms and wrists while never compromising mobility for your hands and fingers. These transform the Kaiser Creations grips in powerful instruments for increasing your performance. The grips are ideal for: weightlifting, kettlebell swings, pull ups, chin ups, toes-to-bar (T2B), bar muscle ups, ring dips, Knees to Elbow (K2E), powerlifting, deadlifts, snatches, cross training and more.

What size suits me best?
Please measure the length from the base of the palm to the base of the middle finger and choose from one of the three sizes.
Small: from 3.5″ to 4″
Medium: from 4″ to 4.5″
Large: from 4.5″

Also, please consult our size chart and order now before we run out of stock!

Upgrade your workout with the Kaiser Creations hand grips! BOOST YOUR WORKOUT – with top quality materials and cutting edge design, Kaiser Creations provides absolute grip while protecting your palms and strengthening your wrists. Best for MEN and WOMEN
DURABLE – manufactured from the finest, deodorant, double sided premium leather, the Kaiser Creations palm grips offers a comfortable fit that prevents slippage, while making sure that your gymnastics grips will last
HEALTHIER PALMS – Your palms should not look like you’ve been knife-fighting in the gym. Our ergonomically designed grips will help you prevent injuries, blisters or calluses no matter if you are focusing on pull ups, cross training or power lifting
E-BOOK INCLUDED – Now that you’ve got our pull up grips all you need is a Fitness Plan for Increasing Muscle Mass. We’ve got you covered! Just follow the steps inside the package and make sure you claim your bonus
PUT US TO THE TEST – If you didn’t fall in love completely with cross fit grips, just let us know and you will be refunded or your product replaced. No hassles, no (outside the gym) sweat

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