KA-BAR US ARMY Fighting/Utility



The KA-BAR 1220 US ARMY Fighting/Utility knife. Made in the USA from 1095 Cro-Van steel, the US ARMY Fighting/Utility knife has a leather handle and …

10 thoughts on “KA-BAR US ARMY Fighting/Utility

  1. Cirino Saldana says:

    OORAH!!! Ka-bar I've always wanted your knives ever since I first heard of it my teacher from middle school was in the army and told me how great your knives are so I kept begging my dad to get one but he always says no even if I have the money. But I was wondering why don't you center the handle with the blade and don't give it a walk commando style tang it would make it stronger and nicer looking but I still love how it is I hope I get one someday maybe when I join the military, LONG LIVE KA-BAR!!!!!!

  2. Joshua Skolnick says:

    How do vets feel If I wear this and did not serve in the Army? I want this Knife i love the Ka bar classic. My Grandpa served in the Army and received a purple heart in Korea. I want to get one in honor of him and also edc it becasue its a badass combat knife.

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