KA-BAR TDI LE KNIFE techniques

2 must have techniques, important that you practice these over and over on a daily basis.

9 thoughts on “KA-BAR TDI LE KNIFE techniques

  1. Victor Sbz says:

    I believe it would be less fuss if the sheath were attached in a horizontal position for reverse grip with handle pointing downward. It would make a straight line towards target when drawing.

  2. Roger Lundberg says:

    Their might be those that frown on my lowly solution. Certainly no offense meant.

    I cut the standard sheath to allow clearance for the finger groove. Then thru away the straps, screws and clip. —Now comes the under engineered solution to keeping the sheath from moving around. I returned from my local 'Dollar' store with some rubbery non skid tape. Applying a nice pattern wih the tape took about two minutes. Putting the sheath either inside my belt or inside my waist band feels as if I'd cemented it in place. Without loosening my belt, the sheath will not move. No straps, no screws, no clips and no problems other than being out an additional dollar.

    Sincerest Regards,

  3. Joe Cannabyte says:

    I have a BK-11 as a "tdi" knife and a spyderco tasman salt with a dremlled "emerson/wave" feature, and I also carry a full-sized Ka-bar tanto…love my ka-bar/spyderco combos! 🙂 

    I train in Emerson Knife Boxing and FMA for knives, boxing, krav maga, and jeet kun do for MA, primarily. I'm explanna-bragging, even though I'm only good on a local amateur level 😛

    as a self-defense practitioner I think I'm as good as the next guy who's been at it for over a decade, and how many of those are there when you consider the entire population? Bruce Lee was all about self-training, and who doesn't love The Bruce? 😀

  4. wmpyr says:

    Thanx bro, I do not own the last ditch knife so it's hard to say, it would be good in a bug out bag because it's so compact. It does not look like it has any karambit capability to me.

  5. incarnadinelifestyle says:

    Great vid brother. I've been trying to figure out what I should be doing with the TDI last ditch knife. The moves appear to apply to that one as well. I have to remember to stick to the basics. However, the last ditch knife has a finger hole and I'm wondering if it can be used as a Karambit or something along those lines. But its small size will leave a fighter open to cutting himself rather than anyone else. Any thoughts?

  6. bladeimm says:

    Does your factory sheath have strange grease inside, as well as the belt clip throughout? I have handled the knife a few times. To me, it feels like the sheath is a bit insecure around the knife. How about yours? I'm looking at after market sheath manufacturers as well. Thanks for the review.

  7. wmpyr says:

    @DemonHide I've been training with the STI knives combat system and their big deal is the pistol shaped knife, so obviously the TDI knife can be used in a similar manner, which I showed in a video, but even for Filipino Martial Arts or Stick Fighting, the TDI knife translates no problem!

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