Ka-Bar TDI Knife Tactics

A review of my Kabar TDI Knife how I use it and how I wear it. Also a comparison to traditional pocket knives. link to purchase from Amazon …

9 thoughts on “Ka-Bar TDI Knife Tactics

  1. Twizted Clown says:

    I tend to carry this in about the 10 O'clock position for a cross draw. it is a very fluid motion to draw and engage your target. It also allows for strong hand grip for a less lethal weapon or typical cutting tasks

  2. Victor Sbz says:

    I think a reverse grip left-side carry would be the quickest. A horizontal reverse grip even more so. Cause you need to consider vectors of movement. With reverse grip horizontal it goes straight towards the target. Single vector and the direct one.

  3. Brandon_ 7.62x39 says:

    I am a detention officer in my local county jail. I really want to get the small one and get a tuckable sheath to wear it tucked under my duty shirt clipped to my inner belt. Only problem is every tuckable sheath I find is more expensive in the knife. And around inmates I have to have it concealed because we can't have "knives" we have "suicide prevention tools" hidden on us in case someone hangs themselves or in case you can't contact anyone and in a lethal force situation getting the shit kicked out of you in a shower somewhere

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