KA-Bar TDI Knife Large & Small updated by MilPic



with the Missus, new location, better camera,the noise of the fan but i guess it works, used already the input from some people ( hello Jim) , enjoy.

16 thoughts on “KA-Bar TDI Knife Large & Small updated by MilPic

  1. Funguy says:

    I was looking into this knife and was disappointed that it is not made in the U.S.A. When a non US citizen living in Japan is sad that his Ka-Bar is made in Taiwan and not in America, it should really be a sign to Ka-Bar to stop cutting costs in producing their cutting implements. That said, I really like the look and ergonomics of that knife and will be adding it to my collection and E.D.C. in the near future. Thank you for the great review.

  2. MilPic1 says:

    @Piotrek1985 thank you for your input sir !
    ( always wear my TDIs that way, never cut any of my shirts got a legholster for that one to but that is another point )

  3. Piotrek1985 says:

    Hi MilPic, I'm a fan of your channel but this time I need a few words of disapproval. The way you wearing the knife is in my opinion very bad… Why? look at 2:41. That's the easiest way to cut your shirt. If I had to wear a knife I would do so on a leg holser…

  4. Jason Boudreaux says:

    Good job on the videos. As for the made in Taiwan Ka-Bar. Unfortunately, it is getting to the point where the larger companies don't make much of anything in the USA anymore. It would probably cost twice as much. Made in USA is not really a stamp of ultimate quality like it was years ago. The parts for many things are manufactured in other countries and assembled in the USA and they say it is Made in the USA. As long as the quality assurance testers are in the USA.

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