KA-BAR Knife Review

Sensible Survival Presents: The KA-BAR Fighting knife. It entered service during WWII and became a legendary weapon and utility knife. Over 1 Million have …

37 thoughts on “KA-BAR Knife Review

  1. Kipper White says:

    Still got my 1967 USCG issue sadly sheath worse 4wear but the Knife is in Great shape and sharpens quik as well also hadda Aussie Bowie left w/ Next Boat Captain that relieved me since then always carry 2 knives on me 😉

  2. JD Proctor says:

    Wow, can't believe it's been 7 years since I saw this video (via my old channel). My father passed away last year. Marine veteran. I inherited his KABAR which I always keep nearby. Whenever I see it I always get a feeling he's watching over me like I know he did when I was young.

  3. Ernő Kiss says:

    I would ask you, why does this blade stands a bit forward (and not in the middle of the crossguard)? In case of other type ka-bar knifes, the blade stands normal in the middle of the crossguard.

  4. alwaysopen says:

    I have my old dad's VN era model. If you sharpen the top edge it is a scary weapon meant to pierce the chest and slice the heart up. The leather sheath has a metal end so you wont poke through and gore yourself.

  5. Mαναριτζις1974 says:

    The best Army comando knife on planet! i have two my original from army and one that i bought in a shop with a saw on end! I used it in army (the classic like in this video) and its a unique multirolle knife,for many things. I guarante you all that this is the best choice!

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