KA-BAR Fighting/Survival Knife the Standard of Excellence by Patriot Prepper

I love the KA-BAR and have owned a small collection of them as a small kid. They are great knives. In fact, the KA-BAR is a standard of excellence by which I …

20 thoughts on “KA-BAR Fighting/Survival Knife the Standard of Excellence by Patriot Prepper

  1. Soy de Cristo says:

    Did you know you can crack a skull with the back of the KA-BAR ? I have had mine for over 6 years and I have abused it ,and yeah if you find a better one I would be happy to try it, but I am happy with mine so much I am thinking to get me another one.thank you for the video God Bless.

  2. PatriotPrepper says:

    There are a few dumb azzes who don't seem to get the fact that the Ka-Bar is the most proven knife in both combat and survival. No other knife on earth compares to the amount of real life usage the ka-Bar has seen. Are there better knives? Yes. But the Ka-Bar works and is a standard I use to compare knives. If they are not as good as the Ka-Bar, I will not use them. If they are equal or better, then I will recommend them.

  3. sackett68 says:

    Hmmm…not to sound like an ass but………all those knives show no wear. How can you make a videos about something you have never used? The Ka-Bar is underrated as an all around knife. It may not do everything perfect but it can do all things well if needed.

  4. Goattacular says:

    Dude, you blew me away. You went with the EXACT KA-BAR combo I did: 7" straight edge USMC (leather) and the 7" partial serrated synthetic version (I assume hard sheath). Did you get the USMC version first due to the appeal of the vintage WWII KA-BAR, then the synthetic partial serration for general purpose and all weather durability? I went with the straight edge for my first one because my USMC buddy told me the serrations slow down thrusts since they are very prone to snagging clothes, and the straight edge is optimal for combat. I loved the quality so much I wanted to get a second version, this time partially serrated to expand general utility functionality. I then decided to also go synthetic with a hard sheath, because it's less maintenance than leather, and all around weather proof (1095 CroVan still needs oil, though). I friggin' love KA-BAR! That being said, people flip their shit when I tell them I think the folding Gerber Bear Grylls survival knife is excellent and a great addition to your belt. People love to hate those knives, but results speak for themselves, now don't they? I still think the KA-BAR truly is the best general purpose fixed blade knife on the market. It's like the Abrams tank, in a way. They both balance the things that are desired for their purpose, and put that balance near the top of the list, making it over all the best all around tool for the job. Are there knives bigger or smaller, faster or with more heft, longer or smaller, heavier or lighter, cheaper or more expensive, sharper or more dull, etc., etc.? Yes, of course, but how many of those knives can also do the things the KA-BAR can while maintaining stunning quality and craftsmanship? Few… Very, very few. Just like the Abrams MBT which sports a paramount attribute in the holy tank trinity of mobility, firepower, and armor. There are faster, more heavily armed, and even more heavily armored tanks, but they must sacrifice one of the other qualities to do so. So for multi-role functionality, both have few rivals, and act as an ideal standard to judge by.

  5. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Hi, yup I have the C.S. Recon Scout and the Ka-Bar BK-2, before Ka-Bar made it, it was made by Camillus the only difference between the two Camillus has a solid tang Ka-Bar has a skeletinized tang, although Mr. Becker claims the skeletinized tang is just as strong, it lightened the knife and made the blade a very little blade heavier yet very well balanced, but apples with apples Ka-Bar asked Becker to improve on the Ka-Bar Fighting Knife (U.S.M.C.), and the BK-7 is it, and I have to agree, first a full tang does make a knife a little stronger and IMO the BK-7 is, I'm not just saying that because I favore the look's of one over the other. It's because I do have both and used both, both are great knives but from my experience I like the BK-7 just a little better and if I only had one knife in a survival situation, BK-7 is and will be my choice, just like my Swamp Rat Rodent 7 would be my choice over the Cold Steel Recon Scout. it's because I have both too.

  6. Joe Cannabyte says:

    Very nice collection, just got a Ka-Bar short for Christmas (my other EDC is a Kbar full size Tanto, I'm cray-cray like that) 

    The Short weighs only slightly more than the Becker BK-11! 

    Also as a zombie-killer the USMC short is perfect, right in the eyes and the ears. Fighting knife first, survival knife second. Tough as hell, The tanto survived things I was told it wouldn't or shouldn't survive because of the "rat-tail" tang. 

    I'd take a Bk-11 and USMC short VS a singular Becker Bowie for surviving where I am if I was cast out into the street. 

  7. Frank L says:

    Ka-Bars fighting knives have beautiful blades made out of good steel, but I wouldn’t consider them a good choice for a survival knife due to their stick tang. Ka-Bars own warranty forbids heavy use like batoning.

  8. Retired Top43 says:

    I am a retired Marine and the K-Bar is a pretty good knife. However, I would buy the cold steel tango over the this knife anyway. Yes, it is a bit more expensive but you can get them cheaper on EBay. 

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