KA BAR Fighting/Utility Knife Testing And Review

Review and testing of the KA-BAR USMC fighting/utility knife and most of its variants.

29 thoughts on “KA BAR Fighting/Utility Knife Testing And Review

  1. Colin D says:

    The "blood groove" is designed for ventilation. Hence it's a bleeder. When someone is stabbed, it creates suction, and the groove allows the air to escape, so the blade can be easily pulled out for another stab.

  2. Dick Richards says:

    KA-Bar really lets it`s customers down with the cheap-ass steel they use for their knives, unless you spend more on the upgraded steel models. In my life I have bought 4 so far, and currently possess zero. The last one i bought was the Big Brother 2, it came bent to one side, and when i tried to straighten it, it went to far the other way. So the strength, and solidity of the steel is obviously highly in question now. So I gave it too my brother, lol. A shitty Big Brother, from a Shitty Big Brother!!
    fuck KA-Bar

  3. robert hurley says:

    Good review. Thanks. I've had my kabar for years and have put it through everything imaginable and it has not failed yet. My dad bought it for me because I refused to not carry a knife. He said if your going to carry a knife at least carry a kabar. He was in USMC in Vietnam and he has kept his knife since. He's had his since 1969 and he is a outdoors man and hunter and it's the only knife he's ever used. Like you I agree. Kabar are great knives.

  4. Sully Cortez says:

    the fuller/blood groove is also to allow air to enter the wound and allow blood to drain out faster…this dates back to WWI and was something that was banned by the geneva convention due to some of the bayonets being too 'inhumane' and basically allowing you to bleed out. Nowadays knives usually have small fullers or thin fullers… you'll never see a deep set full tang fuller because they're literally illegal (i'm pretty sure)

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