Ka Bar BK2 Becker Campanion Tabletop Knife Review

This is a tabletop review of the Ka-Bar BK2 / Becker Campanion Survival Knife. Coupon code has expired. This is a review of the KaBar BK2 is a tabletop review, …

26 thoughts on “Ka Bar BK2 Becker Campanion Tabletop Knife Review

  1. Patagonicus says:

    I'm really torn between getting this and the BK7. I think I like the length of the BK7 better, but I like the point on the BK2 better than the clip point on the BK7. The sheaths are different styles too. If they made a 6 inch blade with a kydex sheath, I'd be good to go. It's a tough choice.

  2. James Edon says:

    I really like this knife. I've had mine for a few months now. The issue I have is with the sheath. More specifically, the webbing. The hilt loop separated from the belt loop on my first carry. The rivet was in tact but it pulled right through the webbing. Very disappointing. My favorite knife in this category is the Blackbird SK5 from Ontario Knife Company. 

  3. speedoverall says:

     I don't want to snipe, I have a few of the Mora designs, including the bushcraft black. I have always wanted a BK2 but I don't want to carry the weight. Isn't it called the Campanion?

  4. Far East Survival says:

    nice review. I have the ESEE 5 which is very similar and also with a 1/4" x 5" blade thickness and length. BWT, FYI, the BK2's sheath is plastic not kydex. I heard that people dont like the handle of the ESEE5 vs the BK2. I just pulled some ranger bands over my grip and it seems to be ok. Thanks for the review.

  5. Singlespeed Steve says:

    Good reviews on this tank of a knife! Love mine,agree with just about everything said (a rarity for me,LOL :p). Amazon has these for $65 shipped (2 day shipping if you use the free Prime trial),BTW. Look forward to your next review 🙂

  6. Appalachian Foothills Outdoors says:

    I love my BK-2!  The sheath, not so much.  As I understand, it isn't made of actual "Kydex.  When I got mine through Amazon a year or so ago, I actually got a much better deal.  I'd love to get a custom sheath for it, but It's kinda hard paying more for the sheath than I did for the knife!

  7. masterofce says:

    Mora Bushcraft Black,,,,,the best survival/bushcraft knife for the money out there.!  The Becker BK2 is pretty good though.  Thanks for the review,,,,go out and get yourself one of those Mora Bushcraft Blacks,,,,review it,,,,and let me know what you think,,,Stay Prepared Brother.!!

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