Ka-Bar Becker BK-7 – Update / Review – ZimCo Survival

Hello everyone! This is my updated review of the Ka-Bar Becker BK-7. I’m using a new format for my reviews so please let me know if you like it by hitting the like …

8 thoughts on “Ka-Bar Becker BK-7 – Update / Review – ZimCo Survival

  1. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Say Heah Byron, Nice to meet you, Yeah, I have and like and use my BK-7 which I also teamed it with my BK-17, a lovely piece of kit. But my Fav's 7"ish knife actually is my Rodent 7 which I piggyback with my Rodent 3. You did good, Thanx You. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

  2. Casper says:

    Dude slide the fold flap up under your belt with the belt going in the slit, fold the flap over to Velcro and button. Use para-cord through the holes or through the back lower tie and tie to your leg or get those slip locks on the para-cord to secure.

  3. isobarikFXoutdoors says:

    Love the knife, hate the sheath too. Handle scales are useable after scuffing with rough sandpaper. Personally not a fan of batoning wood with knives (axe and hatchet man). Great re-do review and love the ferro rod, did you make it yourself?

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