Jormungand: Valmet vs Mildred (Knife Fight)




23 thoughts on “Jormungand: Valmet vs Mildred (Knife Fight)

  1. Co kitty says:


  2. nightbreed2244 says:

    Mildred weakness is her insanity.

    She is not really someone who you can really call sane.

    Of course Valmet has some traumatic experiences from she is still a professional fighter.

    Mildred on the other hand is a good fighter too but on the other hand an ax-crazy whack job who has no chance against someone who really focuses 100 % on the fight.

    For example: Ichigo from Bleach or Ruffy from One Piece (without their superpowers) could defeat Mildred in the same time like valmet in a face to face combat because even without their superpowers Ichigo and Ruffy are still excellent trained fighters.

    But unlike Mildred charakters like Ruffy, Ichigo or lets say Green Arrow are not on the borderline between psychopathic and mentally ill.

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