Jörg meets the knife combat expert Jim Wagner!

Original conversion kit video: Knife trainer: …

34 thoughts on “Jörg meets the knife combat expert Jim Wagner!

  1. Branson Sartin says:

    @joergsperve can you share my videos, me and my friend are blow dart arrow experts, and are wanting more people to watch our videos, we will be loading a lot of new videos. We are a weapons channel!

  2. RushBuzzing says:

    We used to practice knife fighting with cattle prods.  In those days, they ran on "C"sized batteries and were about a foot and a half long.  It may have been more like sword fighting, but we were just kids.  Triggering one of those things on your buddy would drop him like a bag of wet feed.

  3. Lvduggo69 says:

    I'm soooo glad to se joerg making $$$$ after all the time & effort he took making informative vids that brought SS back to at least the USA. Good for u bro !!!

  4. jonnusorsa says:

    Oh, thats really cool practicing tool, I hope they come more popular so people would understand the effects on knife attack. Knife is a dangerous tool and never should be underestimated. Training to deflect knife attack could be useful in future, especially in Finland where more and more shady people carry knives since carrying guns are banned in public places. Still you should never get in to a knife versus fist fight if you are empty handed.

  5. Theshortguy84 says:

    Hey Jorge ( if you still reply to comments? ) can you share your secrets on how to polish wood with just linseed oil? I'm having trouble glass finishing my knife handles. Thx! 🙂

  6. KlLLERK says:

    Joerg love your videos! Check out my rubber powered guns!!!!! I build them entirely outta plastic toys but they shoot over 300ft!!! I love your site! Wish you would help me come up with ideas!

  7. malignor says:

    So now Joerg is learning how to knife fight… in addition to being a weaponsmith and a short range marksman with the build of a powerlifter.
    In a post-apocalyptic world, he is the best friend to have!

  8. PILGRIM. says:

    Remember, if someone comes at you with a knife, run like fuck, because there is no way you are going to block a knife attack, FACT.

    try poking your friend with your finger, see how many times you can touch flesh in ten seconds.

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