Jon Fitch Learns Basic Stick/Knife Fighting

This is one of my favorite combatives videos that I found. It was also a lot of fun to go through these exercises. The stick fighting at the end is definitely fun to …

4 thoughts on “Jon Fitch Learns Basic Stick/Knife Fighting

  1. Mazyar Mosaffa says:

    Very effective for self-defence. do you think maintaining a boxing stance for for stick fighting is correct? it works for me in practice against training partners but don't think it works in a real fight. Thanks for the post Jon.

  2. TODD KEUNEKE says:

    Man i saw pics of your dad on facebook my dad and yours look like twins lol. I showed him the rowboat your dad made this is what he said my dads a big fisher too goes every sunday. Really beautiful. Mike might remember me. He probably remembers Bruce. I worked with Rick Karst and Bruce worked for Lou Petro. I did a lot of work on the offices downtown where Bonar and Petro had their offices.

  3. TODD KEUNEKE says:

    Thats dope i teach kail stick and knife id like to see a kali organization where you fight with sticks then empty hand do you think your wrestling would be more useful then your bjj when it comes to stickfighting and weapons man you should compete

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