Jon Fitch gets in a Knife Fight

I (Jon Fitch) spent last Nov. training in the Army MACP. All their soldiers go through this program. Going through this process has given me a much better …

34 thoughts on “Jon Fitch gets in a Knife Fight

  1. 龍頭兎尾 says:

    Thanks for the video. Pretty cool stuff you got to experience.
    I'm also laughing at all these comments about poking and stabbing eyes. Punching backs of heads and claiming this is fake.
    It's a controlled environment where the point of the exercise is to wrestle the knife away from the other person. They're not trying to hurt their partner. (Aside from the knife)
    This is probably as close to a "realistic" knife scenario as we'll get. Everyone else can go back to the compliant-partner, with the knife just sitting there videos.

  2. ex0duzz says:

    This is dumb. Why aren't they doing eye gouges or strikes to make them release the knife? You don't need two hands on the knife, one hand is enough to control it while the other hand blinds the mother fucker

  3. Anselmo Basoria says:

    I don't want to shit on a solid attempt at training knives live…but… There looks like some fundamental problems, like if you have the space to move around this much you should have tried getting away NOT out knife fighting someone while you have nothing.

  4. Anselmo Basoria says:

    …hmm…they both went at each other like grapplers,lowering their base and whatnot. It didn't look like what ppl do in weapon based martial arts OR in real stabbings, plenty of prison stabbings on the Internet for reference. It's better than nothing but I would hope they don't think their some kind of gods of knife defense.

  5. Python Power says:

    Great Video. However, taking someone to the ground with a knife is always going to be a last resort in the battlefield. Mainly if your opponent gets the best of you and forces you to the ground. Never roll around willingly because you have to be aware of multiple attackers… How do I know? Ive gotten stomped making that mistake :/..

  6. J.E. Sipes says:

    I have to say this, for those reading the comments. It's one thing to already be on the ground with your attacker. It's also one thing, to have the knife secured while attempting a take-down. However, about 90 percent of what these gentlemen were attempted would end up getting them killed. For instance at 1:30, rushing in low, attempting a take-down on a readied attacker, will get you stabbed repeatedly. Their knife training is extremely inefficient.

  7. RHTNY says:

    It doesnt really show how effective BJJ is effective in a knife fight (though they say just that @ 2:57). Many many cuts will be given with using just BJJ. BJJ  may prove some assistance but in a street fight (concrete and many hard surfaces) it will cause more harm than good. The fight against a knife is never easy and there is no "only way" to fight against, not defend against, a knife. I do believe BJJ does have its place in training and in training for but solely on knife is not a great method. 

  8. Leigh Richardson says:

    Should try this with taser knives and see how that changes up the wrestling/BJJ approach. The knife in this video didn't really represent a real threat so the guys were eating a few shots to get position. I think when the knifes 'sting' is greater then it would change the approach. Good to be thinking about this though but a bit of Kali training might help.

  9. aries6776 says:

    Jon did well with the disarm only getting stabbed once in the leg but fucking hell he'd be scary coming at you with a knife! He took out the army guy so easy and he even stabbed up Dave Camarillo without too much trouble. Elite MMA fighter with knife = You're DEAD

  10. Zach Penatzer says:

    Hey Jon, two questions. Was the shock knife smooth? That way it added to the actual "Being cut" feeling? Also I'm just starting to get back into training in MMA. There's a gym near me where I went 2-3 times a week to spar and train but from besides them would you have any additional information/ helpful tips? it would be really appreciated. Thank you, and keep kicking ass man.

  11. bighands69 says:

    There was none of that in my day in the armed services we just done drills that were not as realistic (there was danger involved as the blades were real).

    We used rubber knifes and wood for more full on.

    Did you find your self being very aware of the danger of shock.

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